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Use your gardening skills on local plots to earn or eat

We've enabled homeowners to turn their yards into community gardens where you can grow your own food or get paid to grow theirs


Depending on what option(s) you select, there are many benefits to gardening with earthworm

Grow free produce

Fresh, healthy, local, with your favorite garden varieties

Earn money

Garden or farm as a flexible gig or as a career

Spend more time outdoors

Nature helps us physically and emotionally

Get exercise

Earn while you burn (calories)

Learn new skills

Help the Earth while growing your sustainable future

Make friends

Connections to support you through thick and thin


Choose whichever gardening model works best for you


Garden locally to earn money.

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Partner with a landowner to convert their backyard into a mini-farm. Split the yields 50/50 with your new partner.

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Rent a plot in a local backyard to be your own personal garden.

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Let's Come Together and Feed Each Other

Food resilience is important for families and communities

Thrive amid food shortages

Take charge of your family's health

Help yourself and others transitioning between jobs

Remediate local soils and ecosystems

By sharing your property or skills with your community you can achieve all of these things


Garden at a plot just like these

Flat Top Farm

Lincoln Heights

East Hollywood Garden

East Hollywood


Frequently Asked Questions

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